“Fabulous adventures, going nowhere doing nothing”


Half-term with a structured holiday plan – of ‘going no where-doing nothing’ – No Center parc’s, no Norfolk, no camping, no-click of a seat belt, nothing/nought……..(parental guilt)

Dear children,

Don’t be shocked by this – A holiday of ‘doing nothing’ is what I did (every) School holiday (Ask your Nan) because we never ever did anything during the school holidays – or went anywhere. Nobody did in the 80’s and categorically can never ever recall friends going away on Holidays during the school holidays either (I know so because generally they were with me ‘finding something to do)

Funnily though children my school holidays of ‘doing nothing – going no where’ remain some of the most vivid and fondly remembered times of my childhood…..fabulous adventures, picnics, building dens, climbing trees, picking fruit, falling out of trees, having fall outs, grass fights, playing pooh-sticks, cycling/running/jumping until it was dark and our legs ached, laying on our backs and looking  at what shapes the clouds made. Fabulous stuff!  Which I wouldn’t change for all the Center parc holidays in Europe!!

(“just saying” – it will be OK)

Much Love Mummy xxxxxxxx

(BTW) It was……..E learnt how to ‘swing’ on a swing from a starting position on her own, F learnt how to skip and we found out that ‘yes’ you really can train a guinea pig to jump!! – Apparently “its been their best holiday EVER!” [sic] And E&F can’t wait for their next School holidays ‘going no where-doing nothing” – Although I can’t be certain the Guinea Pigs will agree :0/




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