Cooking carrot breakfast cookies – Running fuel


‘So’ I’m not the worlds best chef (which is possibly why I married one) And demonstrated this last night when a Roasted Chicken meant to be served at 6.30pm – was actually delivered to the table at 8.30pm! ;0? OOPS!……..‘Ok’ so I’m not that great at cooking meat – but give me a vegetable and I’m fabulous/ish/ish! (Ha)

What I am good at though is running and this morning at some point I’m pulling the trainers on and I will be off for my weekly long run – which this AM will be 15miles (I know crazy)

To set me up I always need a good breakfast, a staple ‘long-run’ fuel is oats, a nice slow release of carbs – plus a nice mix of protein. Porridge made with milk is perfect for this carb/protein mix – unless of course you are a dairy phob like me (I dislike milk).

Instead the kids and I have become obsessed with home-made breakfast biscuits made with differing variations of stuff.

breakfast bar front

This morning we have decided to make some with carrotpurple carrots – inspired by an ABEL&COLE recipe taken from ‘The Abel&Cole veg box companion book. Although to bump up the protein content we have substituted the flour for (finely) ground Almonds.

breakfsat biscuit canvasbreakfast peanuts

Carrot Breakfast cookies

(Pre-heat oven to 180 – or gas mark 4)

125g Ground Almonds or wholemeal flour

150g Oats

100ml oil olive or coconut

half teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda

half tea spoon of cinnamon

half teaspoon of allspice

100g brown sugar

4tbsp of honey

1-2 large carrots (grated)

100g dried fruit of your choice

100g nuts chopped

Mix all the ingredients together and pour on to an oiled baking tray, flatten out a little and  – cook for about 13-15 minutes.

(Tip- We found that the cookies were quite soft and not as crunchy as some breakfast bars we have made)

biscuit canvas end copy

“Et voilà !”

Pour some (more) coffee and Enjoy :0)

(*Pulls on trainers*)

‘Happy Sunday’ xxb


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