Back when I had a Nokia 2210


(picture of me in 2000 when I had a Nokia 2210)

Approximately five weeks ago my shiny white/app filled iPhone went kaput – it according to Apple had spent *too* many nights sitting next to my cooker hob, next to a pan of pasta (?) … oddly I don’t eat a lot of pasta but ‘HEY’ whateves – somehow though water vapors have infiltrated the phone – leaving it not covered under warranty – And its been sat in a bag of rice ever since and will continue to until it goes to Music magpie or the like, probably  winning me back about £22.

Quite frankly this would have NEVER happened to a (circa 1999/00′) Nokia 2210 – which  you only had to charge weekly, would still be fully functioning after submersion in a pint of beer and as my cousin pointed out  “could have got reception in bunker”. 

‘Strangely’ though loosing my iPhone is THE BEST thing that’s happened to me. I calculate that I have won back (at least) 3 hours of time – non browsing the web and answering emails that could wait – but seem imminent because ‘your phone bleeps and tells you so’ 

Its fabulous – Although the children are gutted as they don’t get their – 1 hour per week – (yes 1 hour – I’m UN-apologetically *Luddite* strict reg children/technologies) on a Saturday – to play on Moshi Monsters/Angry Birds.

I’ve told them back in ‘my day’ we didn’t have mobile phones – ‘to-go-out-side-and make stuff’ or climb trees! (see below)magnolia treetree climbing x2

So yeah – NO iPhone totally recommend it!

And IF you want to try anything new this week – ‘Roll’ like we did in the 90’s/Noughties turn off your iPhone/smart phone for the day – chuck in the cupboard ignore the emails – internet – apps etc etc – reclaim an hour or two – “Hell” maybe even climb a tree?! ;0)

xxxx Happy Monday folks xxx b


4 thoughts on “Back when I had a Nokia 2210

  1. I stopped having my mail go to my iPhone. I was sick of it calling me for what basically amounted to junk! I also got rid of loads of the game apps the kids kept installing and now they have just 2, which they don’t really bother with anymore!
    I got my iPhone because I wanted to be able to Instagram but now I have one, I forget to Instagram, tend to just use the camera and really don’t make full use of the features so I’m happy to put it away and enjoy the day with the kids 🙂

  2. I loved my old Nokia, but honestly I can’t think of life without my iPhone… The one time it fell into the toilet and died I cried for three days, until I got a replacement. Good luck with the no iPhone life!

  3. oh god that happened to my Sis – in Law the day she got her new iphone 5 (think she is still crying!) I’m still phoneless and its actually OK – although I must admit I am missing my running App :0( xb

  4. franglaisemummy

    I had to do this recently when my phone went to be repaired, for a whole week! Whilst it was good to be free from the shackles of the internet, I hated not having Google maps on me! And having no camera either 😦 But charging my phone once only in that week was lush!

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