Now I don’t actively encourage my children to be ‘Diva-ish’ or stage hungry AT ALL (quite the opposite atch) however this is what my eldest (above) said yesterday which had me howling with laughter.

I Asked Finn what he did today at school – he said “I designed my dream house it had a DS room” Erin pipes up ” Ha – DS room?!…well my dream house has four servants who will work in the mail room” Mail room I ask – she replies deadpan “yeah because I’m going to be a SUPERSTAR they will deal with all the fan mail” [sic]

(HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAA How precocious – I love it!!)

xxxx Happy Tuesday folks xx b


6 thoughts on “Diva

  1. Don’t you just love the things they come out with! When she’s a superstar, newspaper sites will be linking to this post in one of those, ‘when they were children’ features! 🙂

  2. franglaisemummy

    I love it when they come out with stuff – I’ve had to ban L from watching any kind of X Factor programme, as otherwise she’s obsessed with preparing her act to appear on TV. Aarrgghh!!

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