*Teddy Play group*


a weeked in feb 2014

(Picture of Ken Koala)

As children’s cartoons go Pepper Pig has to be the most digestible – And thanks to approximately 3 years of it being played on loop I’m guessing I’ve probably watched every single Pepper Pig episode to date!

My fondest episode of Pepper Pig though has be “Teddy Playgroup” The one where Daddy loses Teddy Playgroup (the playgroup bear) at the supermarket!

Ha – it makes me smile (mostly) because “Haven’t we all lost “Teddy playgroup” ? – Or got him stuck in the washing machine, forgot to give him back, left him in a coffee shop 3hours away from home? ‘No’? (or is this just me?!)……….And if the pressure of potentially – accidentally leaving *Teddy Playgroup* somewhere isn’t bad enough reading through his book is!………..

Because *Teddy Playgroups* book is filled with (parental) competitive efforts to elaborately out-do the last ‘fantastic’ *Teddy Playgroup* (instagram selfie/power point presentation) entry.

Typically if you can keep up (I refuse to) *Teddy Playgroups* selfie will include him;

  1. Going on a plane (private jet “obv’s”)
  2. Being at a One Direction concert (with Harry Styles if poss)
  3. Riding an elephant
  4. Surfing the waves in Australia
  5. Or skiing in Alps
  6. Drinking tea with the queen
  7. Or Drinking Champagne with Britain&Ireland’s “Next Top Model”

In all honesty though I tend to ‘Opt’ out of the parental competition ‘thang’ and pass the pencils over to the kids (like it should be) and in later years he (*Teddy Playgroup*) is lucky to make it out of the Teddy Playgroup bag!

In fact last year we had Brownie Owl (unintentionally) for a whole year – we found her in the wardrobe – I think her book entry – Illustrated with (child) hand drawn picture of a sad owl in a wardrobe – read;

“I had fun at Erin’s house…but Erin’s mummy forgot she had put me in the wardrobe :0( I’m glad pleased to be out”

My most favorite *Teddy Playgroup* book entry EVER though wasn’t a flamboyant entry written by a ‘try-hard-parent’  it was an entry written by a disgruntled *Teddy Playgroup* host parent (not me) who had obviously had *Teddy Playgroup* for two weekends in a row…And it read like this…….

“So *Teddy playgroup* came to stay with *Ben* “AGAIN” (underlined) ……Sadly *Teddy Playgroup* was very (underlined) tired when he got home and he developed a BIG headache. So *Teddy Playgroup* had to go to bed for the whole weekend.

HA HA (High five)

This weekend we have ‘Ken koala’ the Beavers Koala and we haven’t much planned other than a trip to a jumble sale – which (unless we want to run the risk of selling Ken) probably isn’t the best place to take him too!

Wish me luck!



4 thoughts on “*Teddy Play group*

  1. franglaisemummy

    Oh, how I hate having the school bear, almost as much as when we don’t have him and L is constantly asking when he’s coming to ours. And don’t get me started on the book!

  2. I have to admit to seeing teddy play group yesterday, and thinking how well written they are for appealing to adults too… At least the first couple of times one sees an episode. After seven years worth of Peppa Pig I am ready to move on!!

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