The blokes idea of female fashion



(Illustration copyright Beth Kevill-Byrne)

Had an interesting conversation with the Husbie – over our Friday night dinner;

He has a theory that ‘because’ weather girls are only seen from the waist up – they are chosen on their breast size?!!!!!! WTF!  (yes I AM thinking of ‘consciously un-coupling’ on gounds of being a feminist and I have small boobs #wouldnt make the cut!)

Ha, though seriously it reminded me of exactly why women should never expect our husbands/men partners to buy knickers/undergarments/nightwear that are NOT;

A) red

B) lacey

C) vile/hooker style/crotch-less

D) have matching nipple tassels

Because generally straight men/ most- a lot of – choose ‘sexy’ trash over fashion – “Don’t they?!”

They don’t get haute couture, high fashion, fashion models that do not look like Abby Clancy  – ‘yes’ I am generalizing here – bad of me I know – especially because I spent approximately nine years *faffing* around being an Art student – during which time I dated two straight male fashion designers who ‘DID’ of course get fashion women……………………….

I can’t remember the name of the girl off countdown – the brainy/blond one (Rachel I think) *Anyways* she has just been on ‘The Gadget show’ (a blokey style show) –  wearing an awful leather/short skirt combo, the poor girl has obviously been dressed by the male dominated production crew…… The husband thinks she looks great……nuff said HA!

xx sweet dreams xb






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