The vanishing condiments in my house (Mango Chutney)


(Illustration French Jam)

The list of stuff that vanishes quickly in my house (via moi)

  1. Coffee (drink bucket loads)
  2. Green vegetables (I eat bucket loads)
  3. Condiments – OR anything in a jar IE;
  4. Jam (any/every variety) Mango chutney, Mayonnaise (eat it with EVERYTHING ), pickles, ketchup, brown sauce, honey, mustard, peanut butter (eaten by the spoon) – all decanted in to a kilner jar (I have a Kilner jar obsession)
  5. Vinegar (addicted to it esp cider)
  6. Dried fruit
  7. Peanuts (eat about a packet a day!!! ;0/ oops)
  8. wasabi peas /seeds/nuts (of any variety)
  9. Red Wine (obv’s)
  10. Prosecco (no explanation needed)
  11. Dark Chocolate covered raisins
  12. Dark chocolate (an 11am must – with coffee and chocolate covered raisins)
  13. Sparkling water

The list of stuff that doesn’t vanish (because moi does not consume it)

  1. Breakfast tea (can’t stand real tea)
  2. Milk (can’t drink it)
  3. Cheese (ditto above)
  4. Advocaat (Vile- tastes like alcoholic custard)
  5. Custard powder
  6. Biscuits (never eat them)
  7. Iced cakes/iced cup cakes (the icing makes me sick)
  8. thursday cakes
  9. White wine (can’t drink it)
  10. Rose wine (allergic to it)
  11. Crisps

Tonight we are eating an Indian and the Husband just asked me “do we have Mango chutney”

(That would be ‘NO’ – because – basically “well” I have just eaten the last of it with my lunch :0/ “Soz Hub”  – oops)

But we do have custard and Advoccat! Ha

Happy Friday Folks! XB




3 thoughts on “The vanishing condiments in my house (Mango Chutney)

  1. franglaisemummy

    Ooh yes, mango chutney, and condiments in general, and red wine and prosecco, now you’re talking. But you can keep your coffee though, I’ll just take the alcohol 😉

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