Goodbye Old Jeans


My jeans (pictured below) have had a busy week………….

beth green jean zara

Because my jeans (my old Zara faithfuls – bought at a jumble sale) – have faithfully accompanied me for (approximately) 5 x 20hour days this week – whilst I ‘pulled late 2am ones’ working to a deadline.

  • And through this period they have (bless them) enured spillages of late night muesli, camomile tea and red wine.
  • Have stains of pushbike oil, mud, tinned tomatoes, a splash of beach and a slop of Rioja.
  • Watched (ALOT) of 2am graveyard shift telly (#poker)
  • And on day 5 and hour 86 of consecutive wear have begun to smell – I noticed yesterday morning as we cycled (downwind) to school)

So today I took OFF my old faithfuls and popped them in the wash……..(!)

In reality I know that the life of these jeans; my old working mates, my 2am poker watching friends has come to an end – with one stain too many – destined to become a ‘painting jean’ :0(

And I’m OK with it (I think)…

What I’m not relishing though is the the sweat (the ball ache) that accompanies finding a new pair of jeans – or ones that you like.

Of course I will procrastinate about starting to look for a new pair.

Eventually I will start a internet search – halfheartedly, whilst drinking coffee and slopping around in my running leggings.

(And I will procrastinate some more.)

However Pinterest has helped to fire up my visual jean juices and helped me to start thinking about thinking to look for a new pair.


Below are the styles I liked :0)

Jean x1

Love the French relaxed jean chic!

(Image via

French Voguettes

Jean x2 

WHITE JEAN – ‘enough said!’ – love them especially with a sneaker pump.

(photo via

all whiteJEAN X3

Hands up who ‘doesn’t’ want this women’s style and of course her jeans collection (jealous!) Emmanuelle Alt we salute you!

(Picture of Emmanuelle Alt – found via FIG + SALT –

emmanuelle alt


“Oh Black jean how I will never tire of you” looking great with a grey tee!

(Photo via


white chucks, red nailsJEANX5

The ripped one? – “well I guess” but only if I can rip the stains out of my Zara pair?

Photo via

jeans + conversejean board blog board x1




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