My Kitchen my friend


my kitchen my friend



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(This post is for the “My Kitchen story” Linky Challenge, sposored by Fairy Platinum)

i heart fairy

My Kitchen is;

my partner in crime – and where I like to spend most of my time.

Its seen my tears of joy and tears of pain, my ups my downs my many frowns.

Its shared a drink – good times

Mornings of coffee and telephone rings.

Its fed my children and many friends – its not up-date and bucks ‘the trend’

It might be tired and in need of an update, its wonky walls and lack of cupboard space –

But it still remains my favorite place

I’m in it now……whist the husbands whisks up lunch


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Peeling, chopping, slicing, frying – in the pot, stir, steam – served piping hot.

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HOWEVER…………the messy messMy husband who is the chef (alas) makes a total mess….and I who is KP (Kitchen Porter) would cry if it was not for Fairy!

i heart fairy(Fairy Platinum All In One)