Running jumping and skipping through fields of yellow #lovespring!


Gosh what a long gap in my postings! Apologies (Is it still 2014?!)

I hope you are all well!! :0)

Us….? ‘Very well’ thanks …Easter came and went (just like the chocolate) – as did a chest infection :0(

Followed then by lots of running, skipping and jumping through beautiful fields of yellow!   #lovespring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

XXXX back with you soon guys B xxx



Why cook when the husband can do this!


(All images ©LyndseyJames) )

‘Why cook – when the husband can do this!!!

Back in 2003 I was an; ‘Artist-Art graduate and Art student’……BUT mainly I worked as a ‘waitress supporting my journey as perpetual art student’

I worked (as a waitress) in a trendy Cambridge Restaurant ran by the award winning South African chef Reuben Riffel (now Chef/Restauranteur of ‘Reuben’s and guest judge on Master Chef South Africa ( And it was here (back in 2003) that I met my husband – who was a classically trained chef – Business graduate – Economics student working as Ruben’s Sous Chef…..Whilst also supporting his own perpetual student journey.

When we left the restaurant, as a couple a few years later – And despite being equipped with two more (we have six between us!!)  Undergraduates degrees – My husband decided to stay working with food – his first love and passion! And for the last 7 years has worked within development and food production for the four big UK supermarkets.

As I have just mentioned ‘FOOD’ is my husbands first love and since meeting 10 years ago we have always flirted with the idea of ‘one day’ running our own Bistro – well equipped with experience, knowledge and gusto!…..but sadly never (as yet) necessarily equipped financially to take on such a risk……..

However we have always, also flirted with the idea of opening up a pop up Bistro ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ – (not a new concept already long established as ‘hot’ and popular with foodies and chefs; providing them an opportunity to showcase their food with complete creative control, but without the financial headache of owning a lease)

And this year we created ‘Bijou Bistro’ a local, rural ‘pop-up bistro’ that brings itself to you, providing great food in an relaxed environment, without the need for a taxi home…(any-one who lives rurally will understand the plus point of this!)

Bijou Bistro is still in its infancy but we are about hold our 3rd ‘Bijou’ in May…..and its very exciting :0)

(If you are based in a rural village in the East Midlands (Lincolnshire – Leicester-Nottinghamshire-Cambridgshire) and would like to find out more about our ‘Bijou Bistro’ pop ups  nights please contact me through my Twitter account @bkb80schild)

I’m also VERY excited to have recently had a professional photographic shoot for ‘BijouB’ shot by the very talented Product and lifestyle photographer Lyndsey James and thought I would share with you a ‘sneaky’ peek of a few pictures!!!!! I love them I hope you like too :0) XB – Happy Friday folks!

Bijou lj x1bijou lj x2bijou lj x3bijou lj x4bijou x first

Lyndsey James – Is a freelance photographer for businesses and creative projects.she also teaches photography, styling & marketing skills to artists, crafters, bloggers and small business owners who want to improve their own product photography & marketing. Her popular Photocraft™ workshops are held in beautiful locations throughout the UK and now online too!

234000000000 pieces of Lego under a bed!


F quotes

(Finn aged 7)

I braved it today…. And tidied Finns bedroom! – under his bed I found;

  1. 15 loose/forgotten/scratched to f**k/lost DVDs
  2. 1 Darth Vader
  3. 5 marbles
  4. 2 school books
  5. 1 drinking flask
  6. 234000000000 pieces of Lego
  7. 3 socks
  8. 1 map of Liverpool
  9. 1 microphone
  10. Many bits of torn football cards
  11. 1 broken plane
  12. 7 small plastic soldiers
  13. 1xhalf of a plastic pound-shop car
  14. 15p
  15. An empty crisp bag
  16. A crap load of dust


:0) Happy Mothers Day (My Mum is ACE!)


(©Illustration Beth Kevill-Byrne)

A picture of MY mum drawn by me :0)

For mothers day – A BIG THANK YOU MUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for;

  • Firstly for having me – giving birth!
  • For putting up with my toddler self and keeping calm through my “s**t bag tantrums” (which I ‘now’ know from experience is hard to do)
  • For supporting us (working 3 jobs at one point) feeding us and washing our clothes
  • Thank you for always providing when I know it was a struggle
  • Thank you for being selfless
  • Thank you for an amazing childhood
  • Thank you for all the unpaid childcare/babysitting of my own children!
  • Thank you for being a fantastic Grandparent
  • Thank you for what you have passed on and I have learnt from you;
  • your fantastic sense of style
  • your energy and zest for life
  • yoga
  • your innate in-depth nutritional knowledge
  • Your fail safe pastry recipe
  • Thank you for forgiving me when I;
  • split Indian ink on your brand new choir matting
  • ruining that new coat with a pot vanish (when I knew you got it ‘on-the-catalog’ and would take you years to pay off!)
  • Broke a million and one breakables
  • For being a s**t
  • Thank you for supporting me;
  • when I lost it for a while
  • when I had my children
  • Just ALWAYS !
  • Thank you for the things I have inherited from you like;
  • Our slender toned upper arms
  • for being petite
  • our ability to tan
  • strength
  • creativity
  • looking 15 years younger than your actual age (this I hope I have inherited too!)
  • But mainly Thank you for being my Best friend

Mum you are ACE and I love you! X

THANK YOU MUM! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxB

(Happy Mothers day to all the Mothers out there xxxxxx!)




Spring cleaning my skin


magnolia tree

Today the sun is out and shining – we are awake early and enjoying such a beautiful spring morning – sipping coffee (still in our PJ’s) in the garden. :0)

And tomorrow night the clocks (In the UK) change to welcome in British Summer time – light nights and sighs of relief across the SAD (Seasonal affective disorder) ridden nation – ‘The winter dark has come to a END’ (hurrah!)

“Doesn’t” the start of spring and summertime light make us want to spring clean our lives though – our houses – our fitness plans?

This March my friends have the spring ‘life clearing’ bug and have been busy buying gym equipment, signing up for triathlons (me a couple of endurance running races and a few half marathons) and joining up for slimming world (in anticipation of summer holiday bikini bodies) Others have been manically ‘Down piping’ (A dark grey Farrow&Ball paint) their kitchen units, steam cleaning their carpets and clearing out their garages

For me its my skin that will be having a clear out, which suffers in the winters stodge of thick clothes and too much red wine by the fire.

And whilst I am extremely lucky – thanks to my family DNA programming us to be greyhound lean and to not put on weight easily  – my body is seemingly unaffected by the extra winter calories – My skin however is not so lucky and quite frankly takes the hit….. Acne break outs and eczema! And come March/April its time to spring clean out my diet and cut back on the caffeine! (*sniff/sob*)

A great read I refer back to is “The Clear SKIN cookbook” by Dale Pinnock (A nutritionist and medical herbalist)


And a re-read this morning has inspired me to concoct a skin fabulous salad supper for us to eat later today.

Here is my Skin save Salad recipe

watercressWatercress&Spinach (A good source of beta carotene which offers protection against free-radicals)

Red onion/finely sliced (dense in organic sulphur – and rich in powerful antioxidants called flavonoids)


Toasted seeds sunflower and pumpkin (full of selenium – “delivering anti-inflammatory activity” Dale Pinnock -The Clear SKIN cookbook)

Feta cheese (Personally I tend to shun cows milk because I find it encourages my Acne flares ups – so instead I use Goats or sheep milk cheeses)


Roasted Beetroot (again a punching a powerful antioxidant and a compound called  betacyanin”A fabulous skin tonic, for the simple reason that it helps to give the liver a bit of a kick start” – Dale Pinnock)


A lemon based dressing;

6x table spoons of olive oil (a good source of vitamin E)

3 table spoons of lemon juice (a good source of vitamin C)

season with salt and pepper.

EAT with roasted Sweet potato chips (another fabulous orange fleshed veg – full of antioxidants )

Happy Saturday enjoy xxxx b

happy plate food 6

The blokes idea of female fashion



(Illustration copyright Beth Kevill-Byrne)

Had an interesting conversation with the Husbie – over our Friday night dinner;

He has a theory that ‘because’ weather girls are only seen from the waist up – they are chosen on their breast size?!!!!!! WTF!  (yes I AM thinking of ‘consciously un-coupling’ on gounds of being a feminist and I have small boobs #wouldnt make the cut!)

Ha, though seriously it reminded me of exactly why women should never expect our husbands/men partners to buy knickers/undergarments/nightwear that are NOT;

A) red

B) lacey

C) vile/hooker style/crotch-less

D) have matching nipple tassels

Because generally straight men/ most- a lot of – choose ‘sexy’ trash over fashion – “Don’t they?!”

They don’t get haute couture, high fashion, fashion models that do not look like Abby Clancy  – ‘yes’ I am generalizing here – bad of me I know – especially because I spent approximately nine years *faffing* around being an Art student – during which time I dated two straight male fashion designers who ‘DID’ of course get fashion women……………………….

I can’t remember the name of the girl off countdown – the brainy/blond one (Rachel I think) *Anyways* she has just been on ‘The Gadget show’ (a blokey style show) –  wearing an awful leather/short skirt combo, the poor girl has obviously been dressed by the male dominated production crew…… The husband thinks she looks great……nuff said HA!

xx sweet dreams xb





The vanishing condiments in my house (Mango Chutney)


(Illustration French Jam)

The list of stuff that vanishes quickly in my house (via moi)

  1. Coffee (drink bucket loads)
  2. Green vegetables (I eat bucket loads)
  3. Condiments – OR anything in a jar IE;
  4. Jam (any/every variety) Mango chutney, Mayonnaise (eat it with EVERYTHING ), pickles, ketchup, brown sauce, honey, mustard, peanut butter (eaten by the spoon) – all decanted in to a kilner jar (I have a Kilner jar obsession)
  5. Vinegar (addicted to it esp cider)
  6. Dried fruit
  7. Peanuts (eat about a packet a day!!! ;0/ oops)
  8. wasabi peas /seeds/nuts (of any variety)
  9. Red Wine (obv’s)
  10. Prosecco (no explanation needed)
  11. Dark Chocolate covered raisins
  12. Dark chocolate (an 11am must – with coffee and chocolate covered raisins)
  13. Sparkling water

The list of stuff that doesn’t vanish (because moi does not consume it)

  1. Breakfast tea (can’t stand real tea)
  2. Milk (can’t drink it)
  3. Cheese (ditto above)
  4. Advocaat (Vile- tastes like alcoholic custard)
  5. Custard powder
  6. Biscuits (never eat them)
  7. Iced cakes/iced cup cakes (the icing makes me sick)
  8. thursday cakes
  9. White wine (can’t drink it)
  10. Rose wine (allergic to it)
  11. Crisps

Tonight we are eating an Indian and the Husband just asked me “do we have Mango chutney”

(That would be ‘NO’ – because – basically “well” I have just eaten the last of it with my lunch :0/ “Soz Hub”  – oops)

But we do have custard and Advoccat! Ha

Happy Friday Folks! XB