Sunshine and sorting summer wear for 2014



“So” according to the weather man – and virtually everyone I’ve spoken too this week The summer is about to arrive for an outing in the UK?! – For two weeks?!

I can’t help but be Very dubious about this……..especially because its almost ‘Wimbledon weather’ – or mostly soggy strawberries and cream weather!

This said (cynically) today the sun is actually out (like the mums at school told me so – ditto the weather man) And I did start my day with a morning mug of coffee in the garden – in the sun, And I did go for a cycle ride avec “le soleil” in a tee-shirt and with sunglasses!

“So maybe there is something in it”? I do hope so!

Summer clothes

Whether the sunny weather will or has arrived (or not) its prompted me to shove my winter clobber to the back of the wardrobe and replace the knits with hues of summer and flip flops – and review what my wardrobe needs to be Ready for the beach, summer cycles and those relaxed summer evenings :0)

And I’ve started to put together ideas for my 2014 summer WEAR LIST

to the beach


My favorite beach of all time is Thornham Beach in North Norfolk – where my family and I have holidayed (almost) every year since I was about 12.

And as predictable as it is I’m loath to change it as our holiday destination.

Partly because the kids love it, partly because we live close enough for the journey to be child friendly and not have to stop the car for a loo break. But mainly because I’m in love with North Norfolk and never tire of its breathtaking deserted beaches.

And when in Norfolk its the beach where we tend to spend most of the day; beach-combing, running,swimming,reading and picnicking. Until about 5pm, when we all begin to feel a little weathered and really need a wee!


(Image found via

My favorite summer beach wear combination is bikini top with tee-shirt (and possibly also a jumper because it is only the UK) denim shorts and a big canvas bag which holds my drawing pads, books, papers,sunglasses and all the kids guff (of course)

apc 2

On my BEACH WEAR LIST  would be all of the above!

All taken form from A.P.C (

(who I also have a love affair with! and where all of my summer WEAR LISTS have taken inspiration from)

To finish off my Beach wear list I would also wear a bright pink pair of Havaianas Flip flops :0)

(Tropical Pink Havaianas £15.99 from

beach style with sexy back sweater and cut offs. I wouldn't do the highwasted shorts tho

(Girl on beach image found via



Cali beach style


As soon as the sun arrives I like to get on my bike and cycle – EVERYWHERE.

We are lucky enough to live somewhere very flat with good rural roads to cycle on and plenty of stop off points (to eat our snacks)

So come the summer holidays the kids and I spend much of our time on our bikes.

Below is my Summer CYCLING WEAR LIST

A white tee-shirt, over shirt or thin jacket (for the wind) denim shorts, and a bangle (because who doesn’t need a bangle?)


(All above from A.P.C collection Femme)



I love relaxed summer evenings and the below is an outfit I would typically like to wear.

A Summer jacket, mixed with a tee-shirt and the denim shorts I will have worn earlier in the day, accessorized with some evening bling/bracelets or earrings/bag.


(image found via



(With a little cotton skirt as alternative to the denim shorts)

(All from A.P.C, Collection Femme)


Well its still out (the sun) *crosses fingers*

Happy Summer wardrobe sorting folks xxxx