‘Gathering inspiration’ to ‘contemplate’ decorating the kids rooms



palet one

(Above Image via http://mommo-design.blogspot.it)

interiors boards collective copy

My desire to decorate begins on cue every Spring (about now) when the morning sunshine wakes you and ‘actually’ feel like opening windows.

In fact everything about Spring makes me want to Spring clean, I urge to de-clutter and repaint!!

And I guess there is no better time than a bank holiday to start, “right”??

Admittedly I’m using this bank holiday to ‘consider’ decorating/gather ideas and I’m *planning* to start on the kids rooms first. Because at the ages of 7&8 they have outgrown aspects of their rooms.

On asking what styles they would like for their rooms;

Erin requested that her entire room was painted with big red polka dots.

three red dots


And Finn said  “Just Make it Star Wars!” ?!


I fear for them (the kids) that we will have to agree to disagree and do ‘most’ of it my way, with (a little) compromise, but defiantly without big red polka dots and Darth Vader.

And I have started making some inspiration boards (below) I will try and convince the kids that – whilst we DO love Darth Vader (I met him once) the only Darkness in the room will be upon furniture painted in ‘Down pipe 26’  (Farrow and Ball http://www.farrow-ball.com)

palet one

inspiration board x1

(Image via http://mommo-design.blogspot.it)


pallet x2

inspiration x2

(Image via http://kaszkazmlekiem.wordpress.com)

palet x3inspiration board x3

(Image via http://www.cotemaison.fr)

cushions inspiration

cushion x1cushion x2cushion x3

(From £12.00 – All by habitat from http://www.argos.co.uk)


Whether its “DIY full” or “free” wishing you all a superb, sunny bank hols







*Teddy Play group*


a weeked in feb 2014

(Picture of Ken Koala)

As children’s cartoons go Pepper Pig has to be the most digestible – And thanks to approximately 3 years of it being played on loop I’m guessing I’ve probably watched every single Pepper Pig episode to date!

My fondest episode of Pepper Pig though has be “Teddy Playgroup” The one where Daddy loses Teddy Playgroup (the playgroup bear) at the supermarket!

Ha – it makes me smile (mostly) because “Haven’t we all lost “Teddy playgroup” ? – Or got him stuck in the washing machine, forgot to give him back, left him in a coffee shop 3hours away from home? ‘No’? (or is this just me?!)……….And if the pressure of potentially – accidentally leaving *Teddy Playgroup* somewhere isn’t bad enough reading through his book is!………..

Because *Teddy Playgroups* book is filled with (parental) competitive efforts to elaborately out-do the last ‘fantastic’ *Teddy Playgroup* (instagram selfie/power point presentation) entry.

Typically if you can keep up (I refuse to) *Teddy Playgroups* selfie will include him;

  1. Going on a plane (private jet “obv’s”)
  2. Being at a One Direction concert (with Harry Styles if poss)
  3. Riding an elephant
  4. Surfing the waves in Australia
  5. Or skiing in Alps
  6. Drinking tea with the queen
  7. Or Drinking Champagne with Britain&Ireland’s “Next Top Model”

In all honesty though I tend to ‘Opt’ out of the parental competition ‘thang’ and pass the pencils over to the kids (like it should be) and in later years he (*Teddy Playgroup*) is lucky to make it out of the Teddy Playgroup bag!

In fact last year we had Brownie Owl (unintentionally) for a whole year – we found her in the wardrobe – I think her book entry – Illustrated with (child) hand drawn picture of a sad owl in a wardrobe – read;

“I had fun at Erin’s house…but Erin’s mummy forgot she had put me in the wardrobe :0( I’m glad pleased to be out”

My most favorite *Teddy Playgroup* book entry EVER though wasn’t a flamboyant entry written by a ‘try-hard-parent’  it was an entry written by a disgruntled *Teddy Playgroup* host parent (not me) who had obviously had *Teddy Playgroup* for two weekends in a row…And it read like this…….

“So *Teddy playgroup* came to stay with *Ben* “AGAIN” (underlined) ……Sadly *Teddy Playgroup* was very (underlined) tired when he got home and he developed a BIG headache. So *Teddy Playgroup* had to go to bed for the whole weekend.

HA HA (High five)

This weekend we have ‘Ken koala’ the Beavers Koala and we haven’t much planned other than a trip to a jumble sale – which (unless we want to run the risk of selling Ken) probably isn’t the best place to take him too!

Wish me luck!





Now I don’t actively encourage my children to be ‘Diva-ish’ or stage hungry AT ALL (quite the opposite atch) however this is what my eldest (above) said yesterday which had me howling with laughter.

I Asked Finn what he did today at school – he said “I designed my dream house it had a DS room” Erin pipes up ” Ha – DS room?!…well my dream house has four servants who will work in the mail room” Mail room I ask – she replies deadpan “yeah because I’m going to be a SUPERSTAR they will deal with all the fan mail” [sic]

(HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAA How precocious – I love it!!)

xxxx Happy Tuesday folks xx b

My list (so far) of stuff you never knew before you had kids


e&f beach buckets

  1. The love you feel for your newborn will be the strongest emotion you have ever felt
  2. The lack of sleep there after will be the strongest tiredness you have ever felt.
  3. Eating your dinner whist breast feeding will become the norm (*piece of cake*)
  4. You will know all the words to the starting song/theme tune of EVERY Cbebbies programme – which at some point you will find yourself (without child) singing in Sainsburys
  5. Ditto find yourself watching an entire Cbeebies programme (also childless)
  6. You will defecate with an audience at least once.
  7. You will break all YOUR OWN  “When I have a child……..”rules” (For example -no chocolate/no telly/no sugar before the age of 14 – no Mc Donalds/no iPad usage/no toy guns/no Barbie etc etc etc etc
  8. On a Friday night your ‘fun-lovin’ self will get binned and your “don’t get too pi**ed voice” will be become paramount….mainly because of the point below
  9. You will never get a ‘lay-in’ again (until I guess they clear off university) and No it doesn’t matter if you are hungover – The swimming lessons still commence at 9am!
  10. They will have a better social diary than you – you will know this as your entire week and  weekend will be spent driving them to places.
  11. Toddler tantrums don’t stop when they stop being toddlers
  12. You will sound like your mum
  13. It will take you a year to finish a book
  14. You will never ‘get – on – top’ of the ironing
  15. Children’s party’s are as irritating as you thought they would be – and you will learn to be selective – (IE only go to the ones that serve wine)
  16. You will become HATEFUL of balloons and HATE that they are given out at every (irritating) children’s party to bring home (You will automatically pop them before you get in the car)
  17. You will eat leftover fishfingers
  18. You will get used to sharing a bath with (At least) one Star wars figure or Barbie
  19. You will have to accept that their bedrooms will always be a mess
  20. Your house for a while will be a littered with brightly coloured plastic stuff – which you will hoover up and stand on
  21. Your walls at some point will be attacked by crayola and felt pens
  22. you will want a ‘break’
  23. But you will love them with all your heart!!! :0)
  24. And not be able to imagine life without them – even though they drive you nuts occasionally /oftern

(The list so far)

X b

Back when I had a Nokia 2210


(picture of me in 2000 when I had a Nokia 2210)

Approximately five weeks ago my shiny white/app filled iPhone went kaput – it according to Apple had spent *too* many nights sitting next to my cooker hob, next to a pan of pasta (?) … oddly I don’t eat a lot of pasta but ‘HEY’ whateves – somehow though water vapors have infiltrated the phone – leaving it not covered under warranty – And its been sat in a bag of rice ever since and will continue to until it goes to Music magpie or the like, probably  winning me back about £22.

Quite frankly this would have NEVER happened to a (circa 1999/00′) Nokia 2210 – which  you only had to charge weekly, would still be fully functioning after submersion in a pint of beer and as my cousin pointed out  “could have got reception in bunker”. 

‘Strangely’ though loosing my iPhone is THE BEST thing that’s happened to me. I calculate that I have won back (at least) 3 hours of time – non browsing the web and answering emails that could wait – but seem imminent because ‘your phone bleeps and tells you so’ 

Its fabulous – Although the children are gutted as they don’t get their – 1 hour per week – (yes 1 hour – I’m UN-apologetically *Luddite* strict reg children/technologies) on a Saturday – to play on Moshi Monsters/Angry Birds.

I’ve told them back in ‘my day’ we didn’t have mobile phones – ‘to-go-out-side-and make stuff’ or climb trees! (see below)magnolia treetree climbing x2

So yeah – NO iPhone totally recommend it!

And IF you want to try anything new this week – ‘Roll’ like we did in the 90’s/Noughties turn off your iPhone/smart phone for the day – chuck in the cupboard ignore the emails – internet – apps etc etc – reclaim an hour or two – “Hell” maybe even climb a tree?! ;0)

xxxx Happy Monday folks xxx b

What my mornings look like – School running


“What do your mornings look like?”

This is Mine……

5.30/6am Alarm bleeps, drag self out of bed and in to running clobber – RUN

7am back home – follow automatic bodily response and reach for not water but the coffee machine, which I load with as much Monsoon Malabar (strong coffee) as it will take. Press MAKE

7.15am Wake up the little people and my husband – luring him with the (Strong) smell of Monsoon Malabar

7.30am Fill veins with freshly made Monsoon Malabar and stir porridge for the little people – (who want cereal instead) – look for cereal – no cereal – make toast  – drink more coffee.

7.45am Make ‘pack-up’s’ – argue about ‘pack ups’ – the little people want strawberries not apples – we don’t have strawberries (its March – we have Apples) – Make more toast for the husband -drink more coffee.

7.50am Convince the little un’s to get dressed – clean teeth (or suck the end of a tooth brush) argue about school uniforms – wrong socks/tights/jumpers.

8.00am Wave off husband – then run a bath for myself – ask children AGAIN to put on shoes and original jumpers ‘back-on’ – argue some more about school Uniforms.

8.20am Finally get in the bath – rush – get out – panic dress (tempted to put back on running clobber)

8.30am Come down stairs to find a Guinea pig watching The Garfield show and that the children are playing football in the garden shoe-less and jumper-less – (lose the will) – drink more – coffee.

8.35am leave house – with scooters.

8.37am Return back to the house for forgotten lunchboxes.

8.39am Child melt down due to scooter and The Apple in lunch box.

8.40am Both children develop snail-itis ( a syndrome that effects a child’s ability to move any faster than snails pace – particularly on the way to school)

8.43am Second melt down due to a forgotten swimming bag and The Apple in the lunch box.

8.45am – We can hear the School bell – One child instantaneously develops a ‘tummy ache’ (OR instead of school ‘I would rather go back home and watch The Garfield show’ ache)

8.46am – Wave off the children – breath a sigh of achievement and *high five* other parents who (you can tell) have had varying – but similar mornings to mine…..

8.50am back home MAKE MORE coffee!

J’adore le soleil!


‘Summer time and the livin is easy’

Wow its been glorious here in Blighty today – a flirting with a much absent-of-late sun, making us chilled out, happy, remember what it was like before winter and the darkness. My little people spent the whole day outside, fabulously running free/funfilled/feral/shoeless stopping only to help make lunch – a pizza pizza making fwhich we ate IN THE GARDEN! (wowzers)

J’adore le soleil!!!!!!!!  and with its momentary return today I can’t help but reminisce of last summer  – which mostly involved;

flip-flops, family-holiday- photo-faux pas, beaches, blue skys, and bike rides……….roll on summer “we are waiting!!!!!!!” :0) xb

summer skyflip flopsf photo mummy and ef photo e f x2f beachsibling rivalry