Cinnamon Toast Sunday Breakfast! :0)


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This morning a rainy old Sunday morning I decided to make us some comfort food – Cinnamon Toast!

Now ‘totally’ aware that sugar is now the devil of the modern world ditto bread this recipe is “I guess” walking on the WILD side of life!

Although cinnamon is actually – OR so I’m told the champion of spices helping to control blood sugar (I know a very ironic point in relation to the nature of this recipe) prevent diabetes and maybe

even cancer!

cinnamon toast jar ON OWN

Anyway…so with the coffee pot on I begin to concoct the Cinnamon toast – a recipe ingrained in my brain from time working in a day cafe)

Below is how I do it;

Cinnamon Toast

Slices of Brown bread

50g of butter (brought to room temperature)

1 and half table spoons of sugar (I use brown but white is fine)

1 and half teaspoons of Cinnamon.


Mix the butter, cinnamon and sugar together, until the buttery mixture looks brown.

Spread evenly on to the bread and pop under the grill until the butter starts to bubble and the edges of the bread toast.

(Beware the the topping will be pipping hot so leave to cool for a minute – whist you pour a coffee or make tea then slice and serve)

cinammon toast x1

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