Back when I had a Nokia 2210


(picture of me in 2000 when I had a Nokia 2210)

Approximately five weeks ago my shiny white/app filled iPhone went kaput – it according to Apple had spent *too* many nights sitting next to my cooker hob, next to a pan of pasta (?) … oddly I don’t eat a lot of pasta but ‘HEY’ whateves – somehow though water vapors have infiltrated the phone – leaving it not covered under warranty – And its been sat in a bag of rice ever since and will continue to until it goes to Music magpie or the like, probably  winning me back about £22.

Quite frankly this would have NEVER happened to a (circa 1999/00′) Nokia 2210 – which  you only had to charge weekly, would still be fully functioning after submersion in a pint of beer and as my cousin pointed out  “could have got reception in bunker”. 

‘Strangely’ though loosing my iPhone is THE BEST thing that’s happened to me. I calculate that I have won back (at least) 3 hours of time – non browsing the web and answering emails that could wait – but seem imminent because ‘your phone bleeps and tells you so’ 

Its fabulous – Although the children are gutted as they don’t get their – 1 hour per week – (yes 1 hour – I’m UN-apologetically *Luddite* strict reg children/technologies) on a Saturday – to play on Moshi Monsters/Angry Birds.

I’ve told them back in ‘my day’ we didn’t have mobile phones – ‘to-go-out-side-and make stuff’ or climb trees! (see below)magnolia treetree climbing x2

So yeah – NO iPhone totally recommend it!

And IF you want to try anything new this week – ‘Roll’ like we did in the 90’s/Noughties turn off your iPhone/smart phone for the day – chuck in the cupboard ignore the emails – internet – apps etc etc – reclaim an hour or two – “Hell” maybe even climb a tree?! ;0)

xxxx Happy Monday folks xxx b