The woe of World book day costume stress.


Categorically I always forget about ‘World Book day’

And every year the children will drop into a dinner time conversation that ‘that’ day (WBD – the day I always forget) is THE next day. And that the theme is (X) and they would really like to go as (X) i.e. something like the Eiffel tower, or basically any costume that canNOT be created from crape paper/foil/glitter/PVA glue or daddy’s work shirt – basically anything V obscure that requires the know how of a nimble thumbed Savile row tailor to create – ‘Oh’ and you have the evening to knock it up in!

Last year the theme was non-fiction and we were saved by my very fashonista Mother who’s dappa Top-shop sailors jacket transformed in ‘Napoleons coat and a dress-up dress coupled with home-made fan became an Elizabeth I costume ‘TA-DA’

This years date (Thursday 6th March) is highlighted on my kitchen calender – Although I haven’t dared ask the question of theme -yet!…….. My cousins little boy has announced he is going as a character from 50 shades of grey – coz ‘he read the back of it in Asda – “to see what all the fuss was about” and it looked good!”

Ha ha – good luck guys hoping the theme is good for you! XxB