desperate for a dog


(Image ©Illustration Beth Kevill-Byrne)

I love dogs and I’m often commissioned to draw them :0) I’m also incredibly lucky to get to walk lots of dogs – and Jump at the chance to walk a dog “GIVE ME THE LEAD! – lets walk pooch”!!!

Sadly non of the dogs I walk are my own and we are sadly, at present a dog-free family :0( I mean we intend to get a dog at some point but I’m just not sure when?

The children of course are desperate for dog and consequently a pooch has featured on every Christmas list they have ever written to Santa!…..

I think – (although don’t quote me on this) the RSPCA hint that when buying/re homing a dog (ideally) children should be of the ‘sensible’ age of five or over (The children have looked it up #check – “coz Mummy we are very sensible and actually 7&8”) Despite the children’s excitement about ‘potentially’ getting a dog sometime soon, being ‘over five’ and the love/bones/walks they would give him etc etc…I’m still not sure the time just yet is correct?

My biggest concern is that even sensible children ‘older-than-five years old’ children have the potential to do silly things – such as; putting guinea pigs on a sledge/in a bucket/in a trilby hat!! (OK, I admit the last is a little amusing and actually on trend)…And from memory can recall aged 8 my friend and I keeping field voles in a disused hamster cage, thinking they were having fun! ‘poor things’ weren’t/didn’t/were dead within 2 days! – ‘Yeah’ so silly things that could hurt or frighten a dog…  And after a lot of thought we have agreed to get a family dog when the children hit the 11 year mark.

The breed? – we are divided… I want an athletic dog to run with (I run 30-50 miles a week!). The children want a Chihuahua (which the husband instantly vetoed “we are not getting a f**king Chihuahua”) He, the husband simply wants a dog that looks like Rowlf (the dog who played the piano in the Muppets) HA


Church/shocked Sunday faces/hungover


“Ok” the last time I went to Church was Christmas time, an evening candle lit service in our local Domesday church – with WINE…..the female vicar and I got horrendously drunk on Grenache – I think, I recall, I slagged off god :0/ (who I’m not a massive believer in -forgive me for I sinned) she slagged off the older parishioners who think women vicars are ‘sent’ from the devil / blame them for the recent floods etc etc (obv’s – that kind of ridiculous-ness’s).

Anyway the night ended with us climbing over a wall and helping her drive her pink fiat car (complete with a ‘fuelled by angels’ sign on the back window) a straight mile home blotto!!!! :0/ (OMG ‘I have sinned’)… Anyways somewhere between telling her my troubles with god (ie slagging-off-the-big guy-in the sky) and agreeing to ‘eye ball’ the old farts with female vicar isuses I agreed to go to the next family service (which is short of families) …..which well is today, the kids will be doing a reading, And I’ve just told them so! #shockedfaces……….9.30am to be at church, Sunday Best on and personally regretting the previous nights processo OD! Happy Sunday xxxxb

If the morning hasn’t started ‘Happy clappin’ Pharrell Williams style – try this! Love it!


– “So if you haven’t jumped out of bed doing a Pharrell Williams style happy dance” try this guaranteed to make tears of laughter! – Love it – upload the whole family to make your own ‘sing kitty lip sink video! #airpunch! :0) Xb