Pickled Cucumber and Burgers Saturday Night in menu


pickeld cucumber canvas copy

Pickled cucumber recipe;

In our house Saturday night means family “TV” Dinner night!

Tonight we are having homemade burgers served with pickled cucumbers, caramelized onions, mushrooms, homemade FAT chips and focaccia :0)

As a family that adore pickles I thought I would share this fabulous pickle with you – Pickled Cucumbers (taken fromĀ  ‘The Able and Cole Veg Box Companion book‘)


pickeld cucumber canvas copy

How to make;

2 tbsp spoons of sugar

1 tbsp of boiling water

4 tbsp cider vingear

1 mug of thinly sliced cucumbers

sea salt and pepper

fresh herbs or coriander and mustard seeds

Dissolve the sugar in the water – add the rest of the ingredients and pop into an empty jar – refrigerate and eat :0)

(Tip the cucumbers tend to go a little soft after a day – Able and Cole reckon you will have eaten them before this though – I concur – especially in our house lol!)

cucumber and mince x2

We are eating the pickles with Burgers – which I simply make with good quality minced beef, finely chopped red onion, tomato puree, 1 x egg a little oil salt and pepper and some love! :0)

mince onions and coffee x1

Happy Weekend folks xxxxxxx B