Cooler than school


Cooler Than School!

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Photographs from Zara Kids lookbook

Today was Dilemma day!….

Basically because today is a ‘NON UNIFORM’ day at school!

By my daughters own admission (Erin aged 8) the morning started in military style approximately 45minutes earlier than usual in the spare room where her outfit choice(s) where laid out. Clothes, socks, shoes, hair accessories and lip gloss – the gloss she would later hide in her shoulder bag alongside the ‘ALSO’ banned (by school rules) a locket, all laid out perfectly on top of the spare bed.

After checking all was in order (or making sure mummy had not substituted her clothes choices – especially the impractical bright pink jelly shoes) she came down stairs to nibble at a little toast – before a brisk tooth brush and hair brush (brushing just the front) running eagerly back to the spare room to commence dressing…. ..

pink jelly shoes

jelly shoes found on

After 30 minutes she returns wearing – ‘ABSOLUTELY NON’ of the clothes she had painstakingly laid out!!!

10 minutes later she changes her shoes

And 5 minutes later she also swaps her bag and lip gloss choice!

The house, her room, the spare room and the room I hide all my Ironing in all strewn with clothes – shoes – bangles – lipgloss…..

The house an entire bombsite! Although I can’t get cross, it would be totally hypocritical of me.

Because inevitably I do exactly the same thing, most women do “don’t we?”!!!?  Change our minds, switching shoes, pants, tops, bras at the last minute! – Occasionally (often) after many outfit tweeks reverting back to my initial choice – despite knowing how much it aggravates my husband I can’t help it!!!

I am very much of the opinion of letting children dress themselves – I always have, and as tough as the ‘swimming costume’ phase was (My daughter aged 4-5 developed an obsession with a swimming costume she wouldn’t take off) I let her wear it, rain, sun at the supermarket with wellies, to birthday parties……..

Because, creatively – in a world where she didn’t actually have much choice (because she was 4yrs old) she could express herself, it was her choice! – Which is what fashion should be all about ‘oui’

In the end Erin cycled to school – looking ‘way cooler than school’


Below are some other cool looks I know Erin would approve of!

Taken from ZARA for kids Look-book 2014

zara look book 2014 2

April-Kids-LOOKBOOK | ZARA United Kingdom

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Erin cooler than school x2