‘living the Georgian dream’


old house story copy x1

“The comfort of a home depends to a surprising extent on the proper functioning of things like taps, geysters, boilers, sash-cords and hinges”  

(Taken from ‘1000 Household hints’ – Elizabeth Craig, 1949 edition)

We are extremely lucky enough to live in a very rural, very beautiful, affluent, friendly English village – A little capsule of (stereotypical) ‘Jam&Jerusalem’ village fates, gossip and good neighbourliness.

With every house (including my own) being a visually pleasing smorgasbord of (real) shabby chic, Farrow Ball, Toile de Jouy and ticking, completed with a rayburn, a boarder terrier and non-functioning things like “taps, geysters, boilers, sash-cords and hinges” In short the way the Brits love to live – in old things that whilst have no central heating – or a working shower – DO have ‘lots’ of character and wear ‘Elephant’s Breath. No. 229′ really well.


In the winter we go to bed fully clothed and our lack of central heating has made cooking dinner in a onesie not a fashion choice but a lifestyle one – to keep warm! I don’t have a tap that doesn’t  drip,our totally un-economical real fires are a pain to clean out and a pain likened only to child birth to light – but they do look great at Christmas.

(My friend jokes she is ‘living the Georgian dream’ – going to bed early to keep warm ‘in her sleeping bag and 15 tog duvet’)

Ha xb


erins picked flowers vodka absolut 1My kitchen window has gone all a little ‘Bloomsbury’ in colour – thanks to my little flower collector and some rather groovy limited edition Vodka Absolut bottles coupled with daffodils :0) XB

Church/shocked Sunday faces/hungover


“Ok” the last time I went to Church was Christmas time, an evening candle lit service in our local Domesday church – with WINE…..the female vicar and I got horrendously drunk on Grenache – I think, I recall, I slagged off god :0/ (who I’m not a massive believer in -forgive me for I sinned) she slagged off the older parishioners who think women vicars are ‘sent’ from the devil / blame them for the recent floods etc etc (obv’s – that kind of ridiculous-ness’s).

Anyway the night ended with us climbing over a wall and helping her drive her pink fiat car (complete with a ‘fuelled by angels’ sign on the back window) a straight mile home blotto!!!! :0/ (OMG ‘I have sinned’)… Anyways somewhere between telling her my troubles with god (ie slagging-off-the-big guy-in the sky) and agreeing to ‘eye ball’ the old farts with female vicar isuses I agreed to go to the next family service (which is short of families) …..which well is today, the kids will be doing a reading, And I’ve just told them so! #shockedfaces……….9.30am to be at church, Sunday Best on and personally regretting the previous nights processo OD! Happy Sunday xxxxb