Why cook when the husband can do this!


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‘Why cook – when the husband can do this!!!

Back in 2003 I was an; ‘Artist-Art graduate and Art student’……BUT mainly I worked as a ‘waitress supporting my journey as perpetual art student’

I worked (as a waitress) in a trendy Cambridge Restaurant ran by the award winning South African chef Reuben Riffel (now Chef/Restauranteur of ‘Reuben’s and guest judge on Master Chef South Africa (http://reubens.co.za/) And it was here (back in 2003) that I met my husband – who was a classically trained chef – Business graduate – Economics student working as Ruben’s Sous Chef…..Whilst also supporting his own perpetual student journey.

When we left the restaurant, as a couple a few years later – And despite being equipped with two more (we have six between us!!)  Undergraduates degrees – My husband decided to stay working with food – his first love and passion! And for the last 7 years has worked within development and food production for the four big UK supermarkets.

As I have just mentioned ‘FOOD’ is my husbands first love and since meeting 10 years ago we have always flirted with the idea of ‘one day’ running our own Bistro – well equipped with experience, knowledge and gusto!…..but sadly never (as yet) necessarily equipped financially to take on such a risk……..

However we have always, also flirted with the idea of opening up a pop up Bistro ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ – (not a new concept already long established as ‘hot’ and popular with foodies and chefs; providing them an opportunity to showcase their food with complete creative control, but without the financial headache of owning a lease)

And this year we created ‘Bijou Bistro’ a local, rural ‘pop-up bistro’ that brings itself to you, providing great food in an relaxed environment, without the need for a taxi home…(any-one who lives rurally will understand the plus point of this!)

Bijou Bistro is still in its infancy but we are about hold our 3rd ‘Bijou’ in May…..and its very exciting :0)

(If you are based in a rural village in the East Midlands (Lincolnshire – Leicester-Nottinghamshire-Cambridgshire) and would like to find out more about our ‘Bijou Bistro’ pop ups  nights please contact me through my Twitter account @bkb80schild)

I’m also VERY excited to have recently had a professional photographic shoot for ‘BijouB’ shot by the very talented Product and lifestyle photographer Lyndsey James http://www.lyndsey-james.co.uk/ and thought I would share with you a ‘sneaky’ peek of a few pictures!!!!! I love them I hope you like too :0) XB – Happy Friday folks!

Bijou lj x1bijou lj x2bijou lj x3bijou lj x4bijou x first

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