:0) Happy Mothers Day (My Mum is ACE!)


(©Illustration Beth Kevill-Byrne)

A picture of MY mum drawn by me :0)

For mothers day – A BIG THANK YOU MUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for;

  • Firstly for having me – giving birth!
  • For putting up with my toddler self and keeping calm through my “s**t bag tantrums” (which I ‘now’ know from experience is hard to do)
  • For supporting us (working 3 jobs at one point) feeding us and washing our clothes
  • Thank you for always providing when I know it was a struggle
  • Thank you for being selfless
  • Thank you for an amazing childhood
  • Thank you for all the unpaid childcare/babysitting of my own children!
  • Thank you for being a fantastic Grandparent
  • Thank you for what you have passed on and I have learnt from you;
  • your fantastic sense of style
  • your energy and zest for life
  • yoga
  • your innate in-depth nutritional knowledge
  • Your fail safe pastry recipe
  • Thank you for forgiving me when I;
  • split Indian ink on your brand new choir matting
  • ruining that new coat with a pot vanish (when I knew you got it ‘on-the-catalog’ and would take you years to pay off!)
  • Broke a million and one breakables
  • For being a s**t
  • Thank you for supporting me;
  • when I lost it for a while
  • when I had my children
  • Just ALWAYS !
  • Thank you for the things I have inherited from you like;
  • Our slender toned upper arms
  • for being petite
  • our ability to tan
  • strength
  • creativity
  • looking 15 years younger than your actual age (this I hope I have inherited too!)
  • But mainly Thank you for being my Best friend

Mum you are ACE and I love you! X

THANK YOU MUM! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxB

(Happy Mothers day to all the Mothers out there xxxxxx!)