J’adore le soleil!


‘Summer time and the livin is easy’

Wow its been glorious here in Blighty today – a flirting with a much absent-of-late sun, making us chilled out, happy, remember what it was like before winter and the darkness. My little people spent the whole day outside, fabulously running free/funfilled/feral/shoeless stopping only to help make lunch – a pizza pizza making fwhich we ate IN THE GARDEN! (wowzers)

J’adore le soleil!!!!!!!!  and with its momentary return today I can’t help but reminisce of last summer  – which mostly involved;

flip-flops, family-holiday- photo-faux pas, beaches, blue skys, and bike rides……….roll on summer “we are waiting!!!!!!!” :0) xb

summer skyflip flopsf photo mummy and ef photo e f x2f beachsibling rivalry