Spring cleaning my skin


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Today the sun is out and shining – we are awake early and enjoying such a beautiful spring morning – sipping coffee (still in our PJ’s) in the garden. :0)

And tomorrow night the clocks (In the UK) change to welcome in British Summer time – light nights and sighs of relief across the SAD (Seasonal affective disorder) ridden nation – ‘The winter dark has come to a END’ (hurrah!)

“Doesn’t” the start of spring and summertime light make us want to spring clean our lives though – our houses – our fitness plans?

This March my friends have the spring ‘life clearing’ bug and have been busy buying gym equipment, signing up for triathlons (me a couple of endurance running races and a few half marathons) and joining up for slimming world (in anticipation of summer holiday bikini bodies) Others have been manically ‘Down piping’ (A dark grey Farrow&Ball paint) their kitchen units, steam cleaning their carpets and clearing out their garages

For me its my skin that will be having a clear out, which suffers in the winters stodge of thick clothes and too much red wine by the fire.

And whilst I am extremely lucky – thanks to my family DNA programming us to be greyhound lean and to not put on weight easily¬† – my body is seemingly unaffected by the extra winter calories – My skin however is not so lucky and quite frankly takes the hit….. Acne break outs and eczema! And come March/April its time to spring clean out my diet and cut back on the caffeine! (*sniff/sob*)

A great read I refer back to is “The Clear SKIN cookbook” by Dale Pinnock (A nutritionist and medical herbalist)



And a re-read this morning has inspired me to concoct a skin fabulous salad supper for us to eat later today.

Here is my Skin save Salad recipe

watercressWatercress&Spinach (A good source of beta carotene which offers protection against free-radicals)

Red onion/finely sliced (dense in organic sulphur – and rich in powerful antioxidants called flavonoids)


Toasted seeds sunflower and pumpkin (full of selenium – “delivering anti-inflammatory activity” Dale Pinnock -The Clear SKIN cookbook)

Feta cheese (Personally I tend to shun cows milk because I find it encourages my Acne flares ups – so instead I use Goats or sheep milk cheeses)


Roasted Beetroot (again a punching a powerful antioxidant and a compound called¬† betacyanin”A fabulous skin tonic, for the simple reason that it helps to give the liver a bit of a kick start” – Dale Pinnock)


A lemon based dressing;

6x table spoons of olive oil (a good source of vitamin E)

3 table spoons of lemon juice (a good source of vitamin C)

season with salt and pepper.

EAT with roasted Sweet potato chips (another fabulous orange fleshed veg – full of antioxidants )

Happy Saturday enjoy xxxx b

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